Rudge Model D, c. 1892

I saw this bike on the IVCA international rally in Gent (Belgium) in 2012. The owner didn’t know what it was, but he thought the very special head was called a Perry-head.

Back home, I was quite amazed to find exactly this construction in a French 1892 Rudge catalogue! You can find it in the VCC archives on internet. And when I compared my pictures of this bike, details like chain tensioners, rear fork ends, bracket and cranks are all typical Rudge Model D, as descripted in the catalogue, with illustrations. The hubs look original, but spokes aren't supposed to be soldered, of course. Rims are later replacements, I guess it didn't have pneumatic tires originally.

The mystery of this bike is created by all the replica parts: handlebars, brake lever and shoe, mudguards: they were all added in later years. Rudge used to write its name and serial number on top of the handlebars – but thats lost.

One and one is two: it’s a Rudge! The typical head has four circles of balls. It’s a very experimental construction, never used afterwards I guess. Bike must be 1892 or 1893.